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Jet Drills

1-1/8" Jet Drill

This tool is designed to drill ultra-short short radius lateral extensions from a vertical oil well.   The tool is designed to operate at a pressure of up to 140 MPa (20,000 psi), which will cut 75% of the sedimentary formations that Tempress has tested.A comparison of water-jet, abrasive jet and rotary diamond drilling in hard rock).   Tempress is working with Lone Star Lateral Drilling Technologies to develop a complete lateral drilling solution.   This system is currently undergoing field field trials 

Jet drilling demonstration video 

Coiled Tubing Jet Drills

2-1/8"  Jet Drill   3-5/8" Jet Drill

These tool are designed to operate at up to 10000 psi for drilling formations including coal and porous sandstone.   The tool will drill these materials at 3000 psi with carbon dioxide (Jet-assisted drilling with supercritical carbon dioxide).  CO2 is a non-damaging fluid that will stimulate production of oil and gas.   The tool can also be operated on mild acid to drill carbonate formations at high rate of penetration.  Tempress is working with the U.S. Department of Energy and Trican Well Services to develop a downhole pressure booster to enhance jet drilling  performance (Microhole Jet Drilling)