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HydroPull - Coiled Tubing Well Tractor

This tool incorporates a flow cycling valve located on the end of coiled tubing.  Flow interruptions caused by the valve generate cyclic impulsive tensile loads in the coil.  The tool can generate 1100 lbf tensile load on 1-1/2" coil and 3500 lbf tensile load on 2" coil.  The resulting coil vibration reduces friction drag since dynamic friction is substantially lower than static friction.  The combination of these factors can double the current limits on coil deployment in horizontal wells.  The tools are compatible with Tempress jet blasting tools.  

Extended reach applications include:
bulletJet acidizing
bulletJetting for drilling damage removal
bulletScreen cleaning

Tempress is seeking partners for field trials of this patented tool.

HydroPull Well Tractor Prototype Video