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HydroSeis - Seismic-While-Drilling Source

This tool incorporates a flow interruption valve with a sweep modulator, designed to provide a useful seismic source at the bit for reverse vertical seismic profiling (rVSP).  This source allows seismic-while-drilling with a PDC bit.  The tool, has been used to demonstrate seismic profiling and look-ahead seismic imaging-while drilling. 

HydroSeis™ provides:


Real-time reverse vertical seismic profiling while drilling


High-resolution look-ahead imaging while drilling


Independent compression and shear wave source


Vertical or inclined wellbore


Early warning of gas kicks


Crosswell surveys


All-metal construction for high-temperature, high-pressure, sour gas service.

Tempress is seeking opportunities for a field trial of this tool

Bit Face Pressure Signal, psi

Time, seconds


HydroSeis Tool Specifications

Bit size

8.50 inch (7.75 min.)

Tool OD

6.5 inch

Upper connection

Box, 4.5 API IF (API NC50)

Lower connection

Box, 4.5 API REG


40 inch

Weight (incl. Cartridge)

250 inch

Cartridge diameter

3.50 inch

Cartridge length

28.7 inch

Cartridge weight

41.9 inch

Bit nozzle flow area

0.589 in2 (three 0.500” nozzles)

Valve min. flow area

1.18 in2 (including bypass ports)

Flow rate

300-600 gpm

Mud type

water or oil based

Differential pressure across valve

170 psi @ 10 ppg 400 gpm

Differential pressure across bit

200 psi recommended, 400 psi max

Cycle rate range

5-20 Hz

Upstream pulse amplitude

800 psi @ 10 ppg

Suction pulse amplitude

280 psi  @ 10 ppg

Maximum Lost Circulation Material

.375 inch

Swept Impulse Signal INP113.WAV

Seismic-While Drilling Paper