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Water Cannons

Tempress Technologies has developed a range of ultra-high-pressure water cannons.   Energy is stored in these devices by compressing water to ultra-high pressure; 30,000 to 40,000 psi (200 to 400 MPa). A fast-opening valve discharges the compressed-water resulting in a high-power impulse.  The water slug impact pressures can exceed 800,000 psi (5.5 GPa).  The high-power, water jet impulse generated by a water cannon can be used for a variety of mining and construction applications including non-explosive excavation of hard rock, heavy concrete demolition, foundation soil improvement and soil perforation for environmental remediation.   


Prototype 2-liter (40 kJ)and .1-liter (1 kJ) pulse generators are available for application development and process demonstrations.

Technical Paper:  Compressed water pulse generators and applications  307 kB PDF File