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High-Pressure Rotary Jetting Tools for Well Service

Screen Cleaning Demonstration

Jet Rotor Brochure.pdf

High-pressure rotary jetting offers the ability to safely remove mineral scale and to stimulate well completions with no risk of damage to production tubing or downhole equipment.  High pressure provides the power needed for fast milling and stimulation.  Tempress jet rotors operate reliably at up to 5000 psi differential pressure.  The tools are fully acid capable and are routinely run in high-temperature, sour gas environments.  The jetting tools are compatible with a broad range of fluids embracing almost any service job.  All of the tools operate at full pressure on energized fluids including nitrogen and carbon dioxide.  Dry gas may be run through the tool to complete the job.

Fluid compatibility

Acid, Water, Nitrogen & Solvents, Sour Gas


1.69 inch  (42.9 mm)


16 inch  (406 mm)

Max differential pressure

5000 psi  (35  MPa)

Design pressure

3000 psi  (20 MPa)

Max temperature

390F  (200C)

Flow rate at design pressure

up to 50 gpm (185 lpm)

Jet hydraulic power

43 kW (60 hhp)

Rotary speed

3600 rpm






Patented high-efficiency, low-torque seals virtually eliminate power losses due to leakage and friction.  The open seal design ensures that all of the hydraulic power is delivered to the jets (in contrast to conventional jetting tools, which incorporate significant flow restrictions).  When the tool tags bridged scale or debris, the pump pressure will drop allowing the operator to adjust feed rates.  A proprietary speed governor provides controlled high rotary speeds allowing high feed rates without leaving spiral ribs of uncut scale.  The compact size of the tools simplifies setup of the BHA and job execution. The tool kits include two field-replaceable heads:



Text Box: U.S. Patent No 7,201,238 Stimulation head for acidizing and screen cleaning.  Acid jetting multiplies the effect of the acid by ensuring constant exposure of the formation to fresh acid.  Bleach, solvents, polymers and surfactants can be jetted to enhance the well service


Milling head for scale, barite sag, frac sand cleanout and bridges.  Jet milling with mild acid provides an economical means of cleaning carbonate scales from gas lift mandrels, valves and capillary tubing.  This head is also used for hydrate and paraffin removal.


These tools are available from:

bulletTrican Well Services Ltd:  Canada, Russia and Algeria
bulletInternational Petroleum Services Corporation: Sultanate of Oman
bulletBaker Oil Tools: U.S.A.